Maki Mon Ami is a brand created by Magdalena Janowska and Dawid Woliński. We offer products indispensable to all children from the first days of life until the first years of school. Our products include bamboo and cotton blankets, swaddling blankets, satin bedding, useful towels, decorative pillows, posters and wall stickers: all with Maki Mon Ami characters. All products were designed and made in Poland, using the finest certified fabrics. Prints were made using child-safe dyes. 

The collection features adorable animal characters: Pola the owl, Dawid the bear, Leon the lemur and Mila the lama. The Maki Mon Ami characters will be delighted to help all children discover the world and will take them on incredible adventures every day. Let’s bring some magic into children’s rooms and transform them into places out of a magical dream. 


The concept of the brand was created by Dawid Woliński, creative director at Maki Mon Ami. ‘I like children. They are so full of the joy of life. They are an inspiration to me, and I even envy them at times. I try to nurture the cheerful inner child that we should all try to find in ourselves. I created items that children will relate to in the first few years of life and that will match this joy and light-heartedness. Or maybe children will keep them longer than that and look back on them fondly as adults? The characters I invented resemble my friends’ children and… me’. 


Magda Janowska was in charge of the practical aspects of the products. ‘As a mother of two wonderful children, I understand the needs of the youngest children. I’ve always dreamt of creating my own brand and this dream has just come true. I’m delighted that, together with Dawid and extraordinarily talented designers, we’ve managed to create the Maki Mon Ami brand. We’ve paid attention to the tiniest details to meet our own expectations and those of the children and parents who’ll use our products’.